Why attend


Be part of the leading event for those responsible for reliability, maintenance, and monitoring of rotating machines and high voltage assets – now in its 22nd year!
Explore techniques for implementing switchgear upgrades on critical infrastructure assets during electrical equipment upgrades
Hear how to elevate high-voltage cable installations and transformer efficiency to enhance performance and reduce energy consumption
Gain insights into crisis management, best practices for handling unexpected challenges and the vital role electrical engineers play
Glimpse into the future with an exploration of generative AI's impact on reliability, maintenance, and monitoring
Get insights from 3 international speakers, with the latest on cooling systems, operating during upgrade and managing partial discharge


“Electrical engineers understand that asset reliability is much more than reducing downtime. Continuous professional development and knowledge sharing is essential to maintaining asset reliability and production certainty of every critical electrical asset. Whether powering a wind turbine, a power station or monitoring industrial machinery.”   (past attendee)